About This Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.

History is my hobby.  At one time I worked in museum’s and it was also my profession, but now I earn my living another way and spend my leisure time exploring the past.  I enjoy reading about the past but my real passion has always been doing the research and uncovering everything I can about the people or places that capture my interest.  I love the challenge of linking these tiny fragments of the past into an answer or a story.  Doing the research and organizing what I find has always been the fun part, putting it all together into something to publish has always been more of a challenge.  But it has always seemed a waste not to share my discoveries and frankly my wife only pretends to listen for the first few moments of my stories.  I hope that by putting some of the information here on a blog someone may discover something that actually interests them.

There are no guarantees I won’t stray but the focus of this blog will be a topic that first caught my interest 25 years ago.  I have been fascinated by the story of the Saratoga Chip, which most will know better as the potato chip and two members of a family closely associated with some of the myths, legends and folklore of the its invention, George Crum also known as George Speck and his sister Kate Wicks.

Dave Mitchell